How the Cool-It Cooler Works

Never Buy Ice Again!

Using our exclusive technology, your cooler will never need ice again. All you do is freeze the cooler!

Easy to Carry

With our foldable handle, we made it easy to bring your cooler wherever life may take you.

Built Strong

By using sturdy and quality materials, our coolers are built to withstand the most rugged terrains.

The Cool-It Story

Being an avid fisherman and hunter, Randy Peterson was always looking for a way to drag around his favorite beverages without the hassle that ordinary coolers bring. The answer was the Cool-It Cooler, specifically designed for people on the go. The cooler keeps drinks cold without ever having to use ice.

Patented Cooling System

This is done by "filling" the coolers during the manufacturing phase with a gel that is activated once the cooler is frozen, a process that takes about 4-6 hours. Once frozen it allows the cooler to keep drinks cold for up to 6 hours at a time without ever needing to purchase ice!


Once you're done using it, you can re-use it time after time and all you need to do is place the cooler back in the freezer to allow the gel to freeze again. It's a durable, convenient and money saving way to keep your drinks Cool-It cold!

How It Works

1. Place empty Cool-It case in freezer before use.
2. Allow 4-6 hours for Cool-It case to freeze.
3. Fill with your favorite 12 oz. can beverage.
4. Enjoy ice cold drinks for hours and repeat!

For best results, store the Cool-It case in freezer and have it ready to go with
you at any time!

Convenient & Compact

Tired of hauling heavy coolers filled with ice? Ours is half the weight of a typical bag of ice and takes up only 2% of a standard side-by-side freezer!

Floats in Water

Going fishing or planning a trip to the beach? Don't worry about the cooler getting in the water anymore...the Cool-It Cooler floats!

Let's Talk!

If you have any questions at all regarding any of our products, how they work, creating your own private label or becoming a dealer, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

How it Works

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  • Place empty case in freezer before use.

  • Allow the cooler to freeze.

  • Fill with your favorite 12 oz. can beverage.

  • Enjoy ice cold drinks for hours and repeat!

Why Cool-It?

  • Built Strong
  • Never Buy Ice
  • Compact & Convenient
  • Easy To Carry
  • Case Will Float
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Private Labels

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